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Opposing Vaccine Mandates

Dear Friend,

For more than a year, Michigan residents have been subjected to constantly changing orders and guidelines from state and local officials who wish to impose regulations over every aspect of our lives. COVID-19 has taken a toll on our families, our jobs and our children’s education. As we work to get our state back on track, it is important that we work together to defend our individual liberties.

I strongly oppose health-related mandates of any kind. We must continue to limit these overreaching measures and defend the rights of Michiganders to make their own health care decisions. No person should have their privacy invaded or be discriminated against based on personal medical information like their vaccination status.

My colleagues and I have introduced a legislative package aimed at protecting our individual liberties in Michigan. We will continue to fight to defend our freedom to make health-related decisions for our families and to protect our children’s right to get an education.

This communication is to inform you about these important bills and I am asking for your feedback on what we have proposed.


Rick Outman
State Senator
33rd District

2021-12-14 Vaccination