Outman announces committee assignments for 102nd Legislature

Outman announces committee assignments for 102nd Legislature

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Rick Outman announced on Thursday that he has received his Senate committee assignments for his upcoming and final term in the Senate.

Outman will serve on the following committees:

  • Veterans and Emergency Services (minority vice chair).
  • Energy and Environment.
  • Appropriations Subcommittee on Department of Health and Human Services (minority vice chair)
  • Appropriations Subcommittee on Corrections and Judiciary.
  • Appropriations Subcommittee on Environment, Great Lakes and Energy.

“Committee hearings and the work done behind the scenes by committees is among the most important aspects of what we do here in the Legislature,” said Outman, R-Six Lakes. “Committee hearings give people a chance to come in and share their thoughts or concerns about legislation. These discussions provide a great deal of information and unique insight as to how legislation could affect individual residents or businesses and help committee members make more informed decisions.”



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