Outman says eased restrictions aren’t enough

Outman says eased restrictions aren’t enough

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Rick Outman, R-Six Lakes, issued the following statement on Tuesday in response to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announcing changes to state restrictions on small businesses and gatherings:

“The governor and officials from her administration sat in front of the state this afternoon and arrogantly patted themselves on the back for tossing a few more crumbs to Michigan residents.

“While I’m sure many businesses are eager to reach this next step toward returning to their daily operations, they have repeatedly echoed the same sentiment: These actions are all too little, too late.

“Thousands of restaurants and small businesses have already been closed solely because of the governor and her administration’s actions, and countless more sit on the verge of losing everything. Meanwhile, Walmart, Amazon and other big box stores were given an unprecedented opportunity to thrive.

“People want to work and pay their bills. No one wants to rely on the nightmarish Unemployment Insurance Agency to get by. People are getting vaccinated, wearing masks and have taken their personal hygiene routines to the extreme to keep themselves safe.

“Even with the changes Gov. Whitmer announced today, Michigan still falls behind both regionally and nationally in terms of allowing businesses to reopen safely. I’d like to know what data her administration has that no one else in the country has access to.

“It’s not the government’s job to determine whether folks can feed their families or not, and it’s cruel to continue dragging people along like this.”


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