Sen. Outman reacts to State of the State address

Sen. Outman reacts to State of the State address

“Tonight, the governor laid out her priorities for the upcoming year, and her outlook for the state’s future.

“The governor’s words about bipartisanship and calls for working together haven’t always been followed up by her actions. For the third year in a row, the governor called on everyone to work together, and like many others listening tonight, her words left me feeling skeptical.

“Time and again, she has yanked the football from in front of lawmakers who worked on bipartisan legislation to address the priorities of struggling Michigan families. Of the countless bills that have made it to the governor’s desk in recent years, she has vetoed nearly 100 bipartisan bills aimed at helping struggling families and businesses.

“I do, however, agree that we have shown the success we can build when we work together. We’ve worked to train more workers, attract talent and bring new industries to the state. General Motors just announced a groundbreaking investment to bring thousands of new jobs and retain even more.

“A few months ago, we finalized a responsible budget that uses federal resources to fund priorities and finally level the playing field for schools across the state.

“I hope we can take her up on the bipartisan promises made tonight and continue making a difference for Michiganders. I look forward to her working with us on pending legislation to fix the roads and bridges and make sure everyone has access to safe drinking water signed into law. These are priorities people have been calling for and we have been working on.

“In the meantime, our immediate focus should remain on helping the families and businesses who have been trying to survive the burdensome government restrictions and mandates that still plague us two years into this pandemic.

“I always look forward to hearing the governor’s plans, but whether or not her actions will live up to tonight’s promises remain to be seen.”


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